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Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011


Life is a newborn, Life is a death
Life is a stage of drama, Life is a debt
Life is GOD, Life is sometimes good or bad
Life is a paycheck, Life is moving forward

Life is a stepping stone to immortality, Life is a regret
Life is grace, Life is human being
Life is a desire, Life is a resemblance
Life is an existence, Life is an order

Life is money, Life is an achievement
Life is publicity, Life is a candy
Life is a dream, Life is a fake
Life is an actor with the spotlight, Life is sharp

Life is glittery, Life is sad
Life is communication, Life is sex
Life is a decision to make, Life is a risk to take
Life is a cake to bake, Life is for God sake

Life is love, Life is trust
Life is lust, Life is a must
Is it any of the words above could define what life is?
If there aren’t, then Life is a Question… (?)

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